Side effects of birth control pills

Know side effects of birth control pills well now
Marital life is really all about roses of bed especially when you have all the valid reasons to enjoy those sweet moments of privacy. But complications start when a woman doesn’t wants to become pregnant and prefer using a birth control pill. The most important thing to know about birth control pills is that they need to be used correctly. Although, they are effective for preventing pregnancy but there are some side effects affiliated with the use of birth control pills. Here are some common side effects of birth control pills –
Weight gain
You will not believe but you can experience unexpected weight gain by using birth pills. Actually, use of certain hormones in preparation of these pills stimulates your body to gain extra fat. Various forms of birth control tablets enhance the tendency of weight gain in your body. However, not all those pills cause increase in weight but about 60 percent birth control pills have been considered as a promoter of weight gain by the women who are using them.
Irregular periods
There is no lack of the women who face the problem of irregular periods after starting birth control pills. Regular use of some contraceptives not only cause irregular periods but also ski them sometimes. According to research, the particular types of steroids and hormones used can cause loss of menstruation or over-bleeding. This gives rise to irritation, tenderness in breast and breast enlargement.
Risk of breast cancer
The hormonal contraceptives are said to decrease the risk of ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. Even, it has been noticed during the researches that longer the pills are taken, more the risk of ovarian cancer decreases. Still some controversies say that contraceptive pills can be responsible for occurrence of breast cancer.
Increase in blood pressure
You will be surprised to know that the reason behind your high blood pressure can be those contraceptives being used by you. Although, this is an uncommon side effect of those pills but yes, it’s considerable as high BP is a dangerous condition for your body.
Well, you may understand now that what kind of risks you are ensuring by taking contraceptive pills. Still some of them are safe.

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