How to take birth control pills?

There are many reliable ways to avoid pregnancy such as condoms, birth control pills, contraceptive injections and so on. According to researches, 99 percent of the contraceptive pills are effective and reliable still there are 1 percent chances of their failure. Well, the effect of contraception also depends upon the way it is being used. The most important thing to know here is that contraceptive pills are needed to be taken regularly, without any leniency for preventing pregnancy. Here is the way to use birth control pills effectively –
Follow a regimen
The best time when you can start contraceptive pills is during your cycle. You can pick any combination contraceptive pill means the one that bears estrogen and progesterone together. If you start taking these pills during your periods, you will be able to resist pregnancy immediately. On the other hand, if you are going to start a contraceptive pill in between the month, you should be ready with the backup contraception.
Taking mini-pills
Some women are advised to take mini-pills means contraceptive pills that utilize progesterone only. These pills can also be begin at any time of the month but again the same rule is applicable.  The woman should carry on taking a back up birth control option for about two days after starting the mini pill if she doesn’t start it during her periods.
You should be careful while starting a birth control pill and get suggestions from your doctor regarding this as there are different parameters of taking them just after pregnancy or during the breast feeding period and a little bit longer time after the pregnancy. The combination contraceptive pills are told to be taken after a recommended waiting period after pregnancy and child birth .on the other hand, mini-pills can be taken just after the pregnancy.
Regular use
Combination contraceptive pills generally come in 28 day pack out of which 7 reminder pills are called placebos which contain no active contraceptive ingredients and only help you to maintain regularity. You can identify them through a distinct color. Alternately, you can get the pack of 21 contraceptive pills with no placebo pills. You are not supposed to take pills during the week of your period.

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