How to get free birth control pills?

Are you using birth control pills as your reliable way to contraception? If yes, this post is especially for you. Many women are there who may be spending a significant amount of money for buying contraceptive pills ever month but do you know that you can get these contraceptive pills for free? Well, if you can get oral contraception for free, then why are you still spending your money for buying them? This post will tell you everything about getting the free birth control pills –
Health care center
You might have not known that government and public health care centers distribute free birth control pills to women. They have certain eligibility criteria for distribution of the contraceptive pills and women who are eligible on the basis of that are distributed the free birth control pills. You can contact to the public health care center nearby your home for detailed information on this matter.
Under health insurance plans
Certain health insurance plans offer free birth control pills to the policy holders. Women who have health insurance plans should contact to their insurers and insurance companies whether they provide free contraceptive pills or not. who knows you may get the way to free oral contraception and save money whatever you invest on it every month.
Free online distributors
You will be surprised to know that certain health companies and public health organizations take care of offering free birth control pills to women online. For this purpose, you will have to register in the official website of any health company that provide birth control pills for free and fill all the important information asked there. Once you will be proved as the deserving candidate to get free contraceptive pills, you will start receiving the pills.
These are some reliable solutions to get contraceptive pills for free. Still, if you are unable to get your pills from any of these sources, you can drop down the amount of money you invest for purchasing those pills. Just visit to your doctor and ask for the brand of pills which comes in minimum cost with maximum efficacy.

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