How effective is birth control pill?

Birth control pills are known to be a proven way for those women who don’t want to be pregnant. According to research, in 99 percent cases, using birth control pills is the best way to avoid pregnancy but also there are cases who failed to resist pregnancy in spite of taking these contraceptive pills. Many women think whether they should prefer taking birth control pills or not if they want to avoid being pregnant; failure of these pills in some cases have raised a question mark in their effect. Well, the biggest thing to notice here is that these pills are effective only when taken in the prescribed way. Here are the points to affect the effectiveness of these pills –
Proper time to start
It matters a lot that when are you starting these pills and whether you are continuing to have a back up contraception or not during the first week when you start taking birth control pills. Experts say that no matter, when do you start taking contraceptive pills, you should have a back up contraception plan at least for 4 to 7 days even after you start taking oral contraception. After about a week, you can avoid the backup contraception and continue with your birth control pills only.
Regular schedule
Another important thing that women don’t take care of is regularity in taking pills. Those who are willing to take oral contraception to avoid pregnancy are advised to take the birth control pill every single day. if you miss the oral contraception, the chances of becoming pregnant becomes more. On the other hand, taking the birth control pill daily, boosts the efficiency of your body to avoid pregnancy. It becomes familiar to take hormonal boost regularly.
Same time daily
You will be shocked to know but yes, it is a fact. Women using birth control pills for contraception needs to take the pill at the same time daily. If any day, you are three hours late than your regular schedule of taking the pill, you should continue having a backup contraception for about coming 48 hours to avoid pregnancy.
So, these are the important things to be kept on mind if you want to use the birth control pills effectively.

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