How birth control pills work to control acne

Having acne on face becomes the reason of embarrassment for women and nobody wants to go through this condition for a long time. Well, for women who also need contraception such as married women, a good news is here that birth control pills are effective also in controlling acne. These pills area medically advised for controlling the occurrence of acne also apart from contraception. The shocking fact about contraceptive pills to be used as acne controlling solution came into light after the failure of antibiotics and topical creams for acne treatment. This post will inform you more about the way in which birth control pills eradicate acne –
Relation of acne with hormones
Before knowing the way of working of contraceptive pills for controlling acne, it is important for you to know that how hormones are responsible in outburst of acne. Actually, acne is triggered due to excess production of sebum in the skin. It further clogs the skin pores and promotes bacterial growth that results in the form of acne. The hormones which are responsible for excess production of sebum are androgen hormones that include testosterone also.
How does contraceptive work for acne control?
You will love to know that contraceptive pills are good to lower the amount of androgen production in the body; it means lesser production of sebum. As a result, there will be no clog of skin pores and no bacterial infection to give rise to acne. There are only three types of birth control pills to help in controlling the occurrence of acne. Actually, they are combination oral contraception including progesterone and estrogen both. In fact, the contraceptive pills having only progesterone can make the problem of acne worse. Here are those effective contraceptive pills –
•    Estrostep
•    Ortho tricyclen
•    Yaz
All these types of contraceptive pills utilize different form of progesterone but same form of estrogen.
Side effects
Side effects of contraceptive pills remain same, no matter, for what purpose you are using it. Same is true about these birth control pills that you might be planning to use as the solution of acne. Actually, estrogen hormone promotes migraine and if you are already suffering from it, you should not use these pills.

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