How to get free birth control pills?

Are you using birth control pills as your reliable way to contraception? If yes, this post is especially for you. Many women are there who may be spending a significant amount of money for buying contraceptive pills ever month but do you know that you can get these contraceptive pills for free? Well, if you can get oral contraception for free, then why are you still spending your money for buying them? This post will tell you everything about getting the free birth control pills –
Health care center
You might have not known that government and public health care centers distribute free birth control pills to women. They have certain eligibility criteria for distribution of the contraceptive pills and women who are eligible on the basis of that are distributed the free birth control pills. You can contact to the public health care center nearby your home for detailed information on this matter.
Under health insurance plans
Certain health insurance plans offer free birth control pills to the policy holders. Women who have health insurance plans should contact to their insurers and insurance companies whether they provide free contraceptive pills or not. who knows you may get the way to free oral contraception and save money whatever you invest on it every month.
Free online distributors
You will be surprised to know that certain health companies and public health organizations take care of offering free birth control pills to women online. For this purpose, you will have to register in the official website of any health company that provide birth control pills for free and fill all the important information asked there. Once you will be proved as the deserving candidate to get free contraceptive pills, you will start receiving the pills.
These are some reliable solutions to get contraceptive pills for free. Still, if you are unable to get your pills from any of these sources, you can drop down the amount of money you invest for purchasing those pills. Just visit to your doctor and ask for the brand of pills which comes in minimum cost with maximum efficacy.

Do the birth control pills brands matter for their effectiveness?

There is no lack of well know and effective ways of contraception which work effectively almost in 99% cases. Same is true about birth control pills; these pills are known to work without any failure when taken regularly in the prescribed manner. Even the doctors says that the effectiveness of birth control pills depend upon their ‘ideal’ use. Women using them in the ideal manner resist pregnancy better than those who are not using those pills properly. It means the brand of the contraceptive pills matters lesser than the way in which they are used.
Common brands of pills
There are thousands of brands of contraceptive pills available in the market nowadays. On the basis of the types of oral contraception, those pills are available in the market with different brand names. Generally there are two types of birth control pills – mini-pills and combination pills. Mini pills are those in which only single hormone that is progesterone is used as the contraceptive ingredient while combination pills utilize a combination of estrogen and progesterone. Some common pills are Lessina, Levlen, Loestrin, Levlite, Mircette, Enpresse, Aviane, Apri, Alesse, Nordette, Yasmin and Yaz. One can pick any brand for contraception as far as she is determined enough to take those pills ideally.
Side effects and brands
You may be having some misunderstanding that certain brands of birth control pills have their own side-effects. Well, there are certain side effects of oral contraception such as dizziness, nausea, weight gain, breast tenderness, irregular menstrual cycle etc. but these all are common in almost every kind of contraceptive pills brand. Side effects of oral contraception has nothing to do with the brand as this happens due to the intake of hormone dose women take in the form of birth control pills. As every birth control pill bears hormones for controlling pregnancy, they all can have side effects.
So, this is all about the brands of contraceptive pills and their effectiveness. You may understand now that you can pick any recognized brand of birth control pill for avoiding pregnancy. You just need to consult your doctor before starting any kind of and any brand of contraceptive pills.

How to take birth control pills?

There are many reliable ways to avoid pregnancy such as condoms, birth control pills, contraceptive injections and so on. According to researches, 99 percent of the contraceptive pills are effective and reliable still there are 1 percent chances of their failure. Well, the effect of contraception also depends upon the way it is being used. The most important thing to know here is that contraceptive pills are needed to be taken regularly, without any leniency for preventing pregnancy. Here is the way to use birth control pills effectively –
Follow a regimen
The best time when you can start contraceptive pills is during your cycle. You can pick any combination contraceptive pill means the one that bears estrogen and progesterone together. If you start taking these pills during your periods, you will be able to resist pregnancy immediately. On the other hand, if you are going to start a contraceptive pill in between the month, you should be ready with the backup contraception.
Taking mini-pills
Some women are advised to take mini-pills means contraceptive pills that utilize progesterone only. These pills can also be begin at any time of the month but again the same rule is applicable.  The woman should carry on taking a back up birth control option for about two days after starting the mini pill if she doesn’t start it during her periods.
You should be careful while starting a birth control pill and get suggestions from your doctor regarding this as there are different parameters of taking them just after pregnancy or during the breast feeding period and a little bit longer time after the pregnancy. The combination contraceptive pills are told to be taken after a recommended waiting period after pregnancy and child birth .on the other hand, mini-pills can be taken just after the pregnancy.
Regular use
Combination contraceptive pills generally come in 28 day pack out of which 7 reminder pills are called placebos which contain no active contraceptive ingredients and only help you to maintain regularity. You can identify them through a distinct color. Alternately, you can get the pack of 21 contraceptive pills with no placebo pills. You are not supposed to take pills during the week of your period.

How effective is birth control pill?

Birth control pills are known to be a proven way for those women who don’t want to be pregnant. According to research, in 99 percent cases, using birth control pills is the best way to avoid pregnancy but also there are cases who failed to resist pregnancy in spite of taking these contraceptive pills. Many women think whether they should prefer taking birth control pills or not if they want to avoid being pregnant; failure of these pills in some cases have raised a question mark in their effect. Well, the biggest thing to notice here is that these pills are effective only when taken in the prescribed way. Here are the points to affect the effectiveness of these pills –
Proper time to start
It matters a lot that when are you starting these pills and whether you are continuing to have a back up contraception or not during the first week when you start taking birth control pills. Experts say that no matter, when do you start taking contraceptive pills, you should have a back up contraception plan at least for 4 to 7 days even after you start taking oral contraception. After about a week, you can avoid the backup contraception and continue with your birth control pills only.
Regular schedule
Another important thing that women don’t take care of is regularity in taking pills. Those who are willing to take oral contraception to avoid pregnancy are advised to take the birth control pill every single day. if you miss the oral contraception, the chances of becoming pregnant becomes more. On the other hand, taking the birth control pill daily, boosts the efficiency of your body to avoid pregnancy. It becomes familiar to take hormonal boost regularly.
Same time daily
You will be shocked to know but yes, it is a fact. Women using birth control pills for contraception needs to take the pill at the same time daily. If any day, you are three hours late than your regular schedule of taking the pill, you should continue having a backup contraception for about coming 48 hours to avoid pregnancy.
So, these are the important things to be kept on mind if you want to use the birth control pills effectively.

How birth control pills work to control acne

Having acne on face becomes the reason of embarrassment for women and nobody wants to go through this condition for a long time. Well, for women who also need contraception such as married women, a good news is here that birth control pills are effective also in controlling acne. These pills area medically advised for controlling the occurrence of acne also apart from contraception. The shocking fact about contraceptive pills to be used as acne controlling solution came into light after the failure of antibiotics and topical creams for acne treatment. This post will inform you more about the way in which birth control pills eradicate acne –
Relation of acne with hormones
Before knowing the way of working of contraceptive pills for controlling acne, it is important for you to know that how hormones are responsible in outburst of acne. Actually, acne is triggered due to excess production of sebum in the skin. It further clogs the skin pores and promotes bacterial growth that results in the form of acne. The hormones which are responsible for excess production of sebum are androgen hormones that include testosterone also.
How does contraceptive work for acne control?
You will love to know that contraceptive pills are good to lower the amount of androgen production in the body; it means lesser production of sebum. As a result, there will be no clog of skin pores and no bacterial infection to give rise to acne. There are only three types of birth control pills to help in controlling the occurrence of acne. Actually, they are combination oral contraception including progesterone and estrogen both. In fact, the contraceptive pills having only progesterone can make the problem of acne worse. Here are those effective contraceptive pills –
•    Estrostep
•    Ortho tricyclen
•    Yaz
All these types of contraceptive pills utilize different form of progesterone but same form of estrogen.
Side effects
Side effects of contraceptive pills remain same, no matter, for what purpose you are using it. Same is true about these birth control pills that you might be planning to use as the solution of acne. Actually, estrogen hormone promotes migraine and if you are already suffering from it, you should not use these pills.

Side effects of birth control pills

Know side effects of birth control pills well now
Marital life is really all about roses of bed especially when you have all the valid reasons to enjoy those sweet moments of privacy. But complications start when a woman doesn’t wants to become pregnant and prefer using a birth control pill. The most important thing to know about birth control pills is that they need to be used correctly. Although, they are effective for preventing pregnancy but there are some side effects affiliated with the use of birth control pills. Here are some common side effects of birth control pills –
Weight gain
You will not believe but you can experience unexpected weight gain by using birth pills. Actually, use of certain hormones in preparation of these pills stimulates your body to gain extra fat. Various forms of birth control tablets enhance the tendency of weight gain in your body. However, not all those pills cause increase in weight but about 60 percent birth control pills have been considered as a promoter of weight gain by the women who are using them.
Irregular periods
There is no lack of the women who face the problem of irregular periods after starting birth control pills. Regular use of some contraceptives not only cause irregular periods but also ski them sometimes. According to research, the particular types of steroids and hormones used can cause loss of menstruation or over-bleeding. This gives rise to irritation, tenderness in breast and breast enlargement.
Risk of breast cancer
The hormonal contraceptives are said to decrease the risk of ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. Even, it has been noticed during the researches that longer the pills are taken, more the risk of ovarian cancer decreases. Still some controversies say that contraceptive pills can be responsible for occurrence of breast cancer.
Increase in blood pressure
You will be surprised to know that the reason behind your high blood pressure can be those contraceptives being used by you. Although, this is an uncommon side effect of those pills but yes, it’s considerable as high BP is a dangerous condition for your body.
Well, you may understand now that what kind of risks you are ensuring by taking contraceptive pills. Still some of them are safe.